Definitely under the supervision of a doctor! Aevit, Neotigazon, Essentiale forte. Local keratoplastic agents: 2-5% salicylic or sulfur-salicylic ointment; 2-5% ointment with urea.

The ultimate goal of treatment is to reduce the severity of the manifestations of the disease.

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Patients need constant medical examination: The prognosis in case of treatment is favorable. Spontaneous remissions are possible. There is no complete recovery. Read also a new article about cheese. What is Darier's disease Features of Darier's disease Symptoms of Darier's disease Causes of viagra pills disease in children Diagnosis of Darier's disease Treatment of Darier's disease Complications of Darier's disease Prevention of Darier's disease.

Follicular vegetative dyskeratosis (Dariaer's disease) is a hereditary pathology of sildenafil dominant type with varying degrees of manifestation of a defective gene. The disease is accompanied by dyskeratosis (keratinization of epidermal cells). First, small spherical papules appear on the skin, then flaky spots with a crust on the surface, merging into plaques. Most often they appear on the face, scalp, chest, back. Often the disease is accompanied by a secondary infection, men and women, adults and children are ill. Treatment is symptomatic with a favorable prognosis. Features of Darier's disease.

Follicular dyskeratosis is a hereditary dermatological disease caused by an anomaly in that part of ED oills that is responsible for the production of a protein necessary for the communication of epidermal cells. The disease is passed from generation to generation, often manifesting itself only after 20 years. For the first time, the pathology was studied by J. Darier, a dermatologist from France. In a medical treatise on psorospermia from 1889, he described specific microorganisms, which he designated as the causative agents of the disease.

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Follicular dyskeratosis is hereditary. The main reason is an abnormal gene in DNA, the main provoking factor is a genetic predisposition. A defective gene prevents the body from assimilating vitamin A, in addition, the activity of producing certain enzymes in the skin tissues decreases, and the amount of zinc decreases. As a result, the process of keratinization of the skin is disrupted.

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If the parents arewith the abnormal gene, 50% of their children will be diagnosed with Darier's disease. If a healthy child is born to carriers of such a gene, his children and subsequent generations will no longer have such a pathology. Some scientists believe that the cause of vegetative dyskeratosis in some cases is a lack of vitamin A.

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Darier syndrome is inherited, but only appears in adults. Very rarely, symptoms of the disease can be observed in adolescence. Since no cases of complete recovery are known, treatment of Darier's disease in children does not make sense. However, early diagnosis can achieve remission and avoid complications.


Diagnosis of Darier's disease. To establish the diagnosis allows examination and questioning of viagra pills. The doctor examines the symptoms, clarifies what skin problems the next of kin have. For an accurate diagnosis, he prescribes: Histological examination of damaged skin. General blood analysis. Analysis of urine. Biochemical blood test (AlAT, AsAT, bilirubin, triglycerides, alkaline phosphatase).

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There are no cases of complete recovery from vegetative dyskeratosis, but timely therapy slows down the pathological process and reduces the risk of complications. The basis of treatment is vitamins A, hepatoprotectors and other vitamins. In summer, vitamin A is not prescribed. In more severe cases, an operation is performed to destroy the neoplasms.
Diathermic current (diathermocoagulation). Cold (cryotherapy). Laser (laser therapy). X-rays (X-ray therapy) - with multiple or mushroom-shaped growths. For greater effect, the doctor prescribes radon or sulfide baths, in case of disruption of the endocrine system - hormonal preparations. In parallel with traditional methods, traditional medicine recipes can be used.
In order viagra to prevent oversaturation of the body with vitamin A, increased pressure of cerebrospinal fluid and dropsy of the brain (hydrocephalus) during the treatment period, it is necessary to monitor the functioning of the kidneys and liver - at least twice a month.
Since follicular dyskeratosis is inherited, there are no primary prevention measures. Carriers of a defective gene should consult a geneticist before conceiving a child, and during pregnancy and after the birth of a baby, it is necessary to visit a dermatologist periodically.

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